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Rashiqa is a Middle Eastern Dance (belly dance) Troupe based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Although specialising in Egyptian dance, we also enjoy performing to Arabic, Lebanese and Turkish music, both traditional and modern. We have danced at community and charity events and at private parties.

Rashiqa after a performance at The Chrysalis Theatre, Milton Keynes.
Photograph by Alan Long Services

Belly dancing is traditionally performed at weddings and parties in many middle eastern countries, and is usually done by women, although there are a few male dancers.

Unlike western dance forms, like jazz or ballet which concentrate on leaps and extensions, middle eastern dance depends on fine muscle control of the arms, hips and torso. For women it is a very empowering dance form as it allows you to explore your total femininity. It is a dance you can enjoy no matter what your age or size, and who can resist the temptation to really dress up once in a while.

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